SnailBoard is algorithm, AI, math, programming challeng. That in fact is the race between two players.



What's SnailBoard

The game is such that you and your rival are randomly placed in one of the game cells. Then you have to collect points. and the winner is the one who has the most points.

  1. one points in the numeric table are 1
  2. two points in the numeric table are 2
  3. five points in the numeric table are 5
  4. The empty cells in the table are 0
  5. The wall that you can't pass through is -1
  6. bombs that if you get them you can't move for 5 cycle.

You have to read inforamtions from input.txt file. then print the outputs.

How to code

Features Of This challenge Application

This app have this features

Automatic league

You can add players as you need to game and play a legue.

Record a game

You can record all kinds of games and see them later or share them.

Record a league

You can record all games of the leguue and see them later or share them.

Single player

You can setup a game that just have a one player. and you don't need to load second player.

2 players

You can setup a race between two players.

Human VS Human

You can setup a race between two Humans & enjoy :)

Computer VS Human

You can setup a race between two Human and computer & enjoy :)

Custom Board

You can customize a board and use it for league and games

Support lots of languages

You can write your app with all of the language that can compoile to EXE and PYTHON


You can customize the amount of Sets and Games in league and Sets in single gamess

Time Limit

You can set time limit for players

Web version

You can see the record game on any device by web version here

Only Human

You can setup only Human games.


This app have great documentation for using app and writting players you see it here

Sample Player

You can use sample players for developing your player. You can See them

App Screenshot

You can see some Screenshot of app's environment.

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